Essimo Belts

Kyu Grade Belts

$10.00 each


IJF approved Black Belts
$20.00 each


Club Price - Kyu Grade Belts @ $5.00 each       
Club Price - IJF Black Belts @ $20.00 each

White/Yellow:  200,220,240,260
White/Yellow/B-Tip:  200,220,240,260
FULL YELLOW:  220,240,260,280,300,320
Yellow/B-Tip:  220,240,260
Yellow/Orange:  220,240,260
Yellow/Orange/B-Tip:  220,240,260
FULL ORANGE:  220,240,260,280,300,320
Orange/B-Tip:  220,240,260
Orange/Green:  220,240,260
Orange/Green/B-Tip:  220,240,260
FULL GREEN:  240,260,280,300,320
Green/B-Tip:  240,260,280
Green/Blue:  240,260,280
Green/Blue/B-Tip:  240,260,280
FULL BLUE:  240,260,280,300,320
Blue/B-Tip:  240,260,280
Blue/Brown:  240,260,280
Blue/Brown/B-Tip:  240,260,280
FULL BROWN:  240,260,280,300,320
Brown/B-Tip:  240,260,280
IJF BLACK BELT:   260,280,300,320,340

Kids Belts
$10.00 each

"Kids Belts" are manufactured with less padding and make it easier for the smaller children to tie their belts. Thus helps the junior coach from having to continuously re-tie the belts for smaller children. Only available up to Orange Belt for size 200, 220, 240. (from size 260 or smaller belts from high Orange, the regular belt is manufactured).

White/Black Tip Belt available in sizes 200 and 220 for 5yr old children.

This belt is available to children before they commence the official grades of White/Yellow for 6yr olds.


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